A Common Issue for Men

It’s something that not too many men are comfortable talking about, but premature ejaculation is a common issue for a lot of men. Premature ejaculation occurs when the male ejaculates during vaginal intercourse in less than a minute on multiple occasions. They are unable to delay their ejaculation which causes inadequacies in the bedroom. It’s a sexual complaint for most men, and for a long time there was no clear solution for the issue. Premature ejaculation has been known to have subconscious roots, and psychosocial treatment has been one method of trying to understand how a man comes to suffer from premature ejaculation to begin with. In order to further promote the improvement of premature ejaculation, studies have been conducted to treat patients with drug treatments that will also aid in improving the endurance of a male during vaginal intercourse.

Stimulation is Key

A company called Prolong as has their new psychosocial method for curing premature ejaculation scrutinized in clinical trials. Three masturbation exercises would be performed each week for six weeks in total by a number or male subjects. Additionally, patients were also allowed to use the method as foreplay during time spent with their partners outside of study hours. Examples of the items used during the stimulation are:

  • battery-powered vibrators
  • water-soluble lubricant
  • pictures and videos of a sexual nature

The lubricant would be applied to the surface area before masturbation. It was important for them to perform the masturbation exercises without letting their partners know until a specific week was reached. Afterwards, they had permission to inform their partners about the sessions. This is to ensure that some of the patients who had premature ejaculation had conditions that were not brought about from the actions of their partners.

Session Studies

The sessions from week to week involved the use of the stimulations and were timed to see just how long the male patients could masturbate before reaching the ejaculation stage. For each session, the patients were told to masturbate until they reached near the point of ejaculation and then were told to stop. This was to learn exactly how long it took for each male to endure until they had reached the point of orgasm. After the study results were recorded, patients were allowed to masturbate until completion. Additionally, during their vaginal intercourse sessions with their partners, patients were told to use a stopwatch and time how long it took until they reached ejaculation. The results would be recorded by the patients.

The Results

Over time, the drugs that made up the Prolong treatment would be implemented into the study. Patients would have to answer questions from a survey sheet every week about their performance and how they felt after taking the medication. Their results proved to be a major improvement over initial results during the first week.  The website aboutpe.com explains more about the Prolong treatment and how it helped patients have increased endurance.

Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Premature_ejaculation

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